International Visitor Survey

2 December 2022


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Update (Dec 2022): The International Visitor Survey (IVS) re-commenced in July 2022 after a break of two years. This release contains results for Quarter 3 2022 (July to September). The PDF contains expenditure and visitor satisfaction top-line results.

We advise caution when using and interpreting IVS quarterly level results. The smaller number of visitors to New Zealand since the border reopening means that the sample size for Q3 2022 is lower than usual due to the high rates of non-qualifiers in the airports. The quarterly level statistics will also have a higher margin of error than annual level statistics due to the lower sample size. More information on data quality, including sample sizes, response rates and margin of errors can be found in the Survey quality for the International Visitor Survey page on MBIE's website.

The International Visitor Survey, produced by MBIE, measures the expenditure, characteristics and behaviours of international visitors to New Zealand. More information can be found on MBIE's website.

MBIE has worked with key stakeholders to revise parts of the questionnaire, with a greater focus on sustainability, new information needs due to COVID-19, and meeting new expenditure data requirements by Stats NZ. Stats NZ and MBIE have collaborated on a survey design that better accounts for ongoing changes to border policies and flight schedules as the New Zealand border reopens. MBIE will continue to monitor the current environment over the next few months to enable sample design updates and adjustments until overseas tourism stabilises.