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TECTs, ADP, and MURPEs - June 2023 Data Release

August 03, 2023

This update combines the June 2023 data releases for:

Note that figures from the releases may not align fully due to them measuring different activities, data limitations, and wider economic factors. More information regarding these data releases can be found here:

Tourism data releases - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Key points for June 2023

Tourism card spend figures for both domestic and international markets remained solid in June 2023. International spending is accelerating, with international visitor volume and guest nights approaching pre-COVID levels. In contrast, the growth in domestic spend and guest nights have slowed down but spending levels had been exceeding 2019 spend levels in the past two quarters.

Accommodation Data Programme (ADP)

Tourism Electronic Card Transactions (TECTs)

Monthly Unique Regional Population Estimates (MURPEs)

Transition from TECTs to Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates (MRTEs)

The TECTs have been an interim replacement for the MRTEs to understand the tourism spending activity in New Zealand. MBIE aims to transition from TECTs to MRTEs towards the end of the year, starting with the September 2023 data. We will also provide historical MRTE data from January 2019 onward.

Following the release of the July 2023 TECT data in September 2023, we will discontinue the TECT series. Historical TECT data will remain available for access and can be downloaded from the Tourism Evidence and Insights Centre (TEIC).

Only certain measures in the ADP can be compared to the Accommodation Survey

This update compares June 2023 to June 2019 for ADP, TECTs, and MURPEs. Due to methodological differences between the ADP and the Accommodation Survey, only aggregated volume figures, such as guest nights, are compared at the national or RTO level.

Caution should be used with the TECT data

Domestic and international figures are not adjusted for inflation and seasonality. They should also be used separately and not added together. This is because electronic card transactions in each market represent a different proportion of total tourism spend, meaning they cannot be directly compared. More information can be found here.

Tourism Electronic Card Transactions – Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

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TECT, ADP, and MURPE data for July 2023 will be released in September 2023.

See our tourism data release calendar with release dates to December 2023.

Data release calendar - Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment