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Tourism Satellite Account for year-ended March 2021 released

December 10, 2021

Key points

Other key provisional estimates

Note: The 2021 annual estimates captured the impact of COVID-19 in New Zealand between the period April 2020 and March 2021. The extent of COVID-19’s impact beyond this period will be evident in Tourism satellite account: Year ended March 2022, to be published in December 2022.

Interpretation of data

The Sustainable Tourism Explorer (STE) has been updated with the new TSA data

TSA data are now available in the STE in the form of interactive graphs. As well as visualising the data, you also have the ability to customise the graphs, download them and the related data. These data can be found in the economic resilience page and the employment from tourism page in the economic area. Graphs include:

The report and Excel tables are available on StatsNZ’s website for download.

2021 Revisions

Tourism satellite account: Year ended March 2021 includes revisions made to both the domestic and international tourism expenditure series. These revisions cause changes to the value of tourism expenditure in the New Zealand economy, and affect the official tourism satellite account (TSA) time series. Revisions to the expenditure series included the following.

Tourism industry ratios are impacted because of these revisions. These ratios are the proportion of an industry’s output that is consumed by tourists and are used to calculate value-added and tourism employment estimates. As a result of the ratio changes, we revised the historical value added-time series. Together with the ratio changes, we also revised the tourism employment time series.