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Tourism Insights Users Group

July 14, 2021

This article was produced by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). The content you find below is exclusive to the Tourism Evidence and Insights Centre.


Tourism Evidence and Insights Centre (TEIC)

Raphael Aggio from MBIE gave a short overview of the TEIC and talked about its launch, which happened on the 30th of June. Raphael also described the latest updates and future developments (eg indicator voting button, Tourism Electronic Card Transaction (TECT) data at the Territorial Authority level, tutorial videos, and webinars), and invited the community to contribute with articles, data, reports, or any other content that would interest the TEIC community.

Transport Data Workshop – Transport Knowledge Data Hub

Steve Riley from the Ministry of Transport talked about the Transport Data Workshop that will be hosted by the Transport Data Knowledge Hub (TDKH) on the 22nd of September 2021. This is an inaugural annual transport data hub event that is being piloted this year.

The objectives of this inaugural event are to:

If the TDKH generates enough interest, their plan is to make it a larger-scale annual event, starting from 2022. The goal of this larger-scale event will be to track progress on transport data governance and best practice.

For more information, please contact Steve Riley (S.Riley@transport.govt.nz) or check the event’s calendar.

Tourism Electronic Card Transactions release

Jack Warrington from MBIE presented the latest release of the Tourism Electronic Card Transactions (TECT) data. The TECT data now includes:

You can view Jack’s slides here and the latest TECT data is available at the Reliance on tourism page of the Sustainable Tourism Explorer.

Co-governance project update

Chris Howard from MBIE presented the latest updates on the Tourism Data and Insights Co-Governance Project, which included the approval of the Minister of Tourism to proceed with the co-governance initiative.

Chris talked about some of the results from the recent industry consultation round. Stakeholders were asked to provide their views on the draft Terms of Reference for the proposed Co-Governance Group, with particular focus on:

We will report further news on the Co-Governance Project initiative through the TEIC and through stakeholder alerts.

Recorded session

You can access video of the entire session below: