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Recovery Intel Report

April 01, 2021

Queentown Lakes District Council (QLDC) launched the Recovery Intel Report on November 2020. This report is updated every quarter. See below an introduction to the April 2021 report and please visit QLDC’s website for more details.

“COVID-19 has brought considerable change to our district in a very short period of time. While we are all in the throes of what this means for us, our whānau and friends, and our workplaces, it is important to keep looking ahead to how we can plan for our district’s future.

The Recovery Intel Report tells the story of our district pre-COVID-19, the impact of the Level 4 lockdown and the emerging impact in relation to economic predictions. We will build on this knowledge each month to piece together our current story. This will include data from the latest Quality of Life survey (to be released early 2021) and further insights regarding specific topics, such as filled jobs.”